Warehouse Conversion

Size: 300 sqm | Value: AUD 2m | Year undertaken: 2012

Identification and acquisition of former mixed use warehouse space in South Yarra.

EMKC transformed the warehouse/office into a unique and luxurious four bedroom town house. EMKC achieved a significant uplift in capital value.


Projects Photo Gallery

p-warehouseconversion_1.jpg p-warehouseconversion_1.jpg

p-warehouseconversion_5.jpg p-warehouseconversion_5.jpg

p-warehouseconversion_7.jpg p-warehouseconversion_7.jpg

p-warehouseconversion_9.jpg p-warehouseconversion_9.jpg

p-warehouseconversion_11.jpg p-warehouseconversion_11.jpg

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