Market street Foyer and Cafe refurbishment

Size: 140 sqm | Value: AUD 1m |Year undertaken: 2018

EMKC was engaged to design and modernise the dated commercial office foyer and to incorporate a brand-new cafe into the space.  By removing the former wall between the foyer and the cafe, natural daylight can penetrate the lift lobby whilst the vertical garden brings in energy and life to the foyer.  


Projects Photo Gallery

1180907_market_street_0007.jpg 1180907_market_street_0007.jpg

180907_market_street_0458.jpg 180907_market_street_0458.jpg

180907_market_street_0394.jpg 180907_market_street_0394.jpg

180907_market_street_0274.jpg 180907_market_street_0274.jpg

180907_market_street_0226.jpg 180907_market_street_0226.jpg

180907_market_street_0174.jpg 180907_market_street_0174.jpg

180907_market_street_0091.jpg 180907_market_street_0091.jpg

180907_market_street_0298.jpg 180907_market_street_0298.jpg

180907_market_street_0719.jpg 180907_market_street_0719.jpg
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