Day Spa Refurbishment

Size: 600 sqm | Value: AUD 25k | Year undertaken: 2015

EMKC was engaged to refresh the interior of a well-known day spa in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. This project is an excellent example of how EMKC’s in-house architectural services provide inspired design solutions with a commercial focus.


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p-daysparefurbishment_1.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_1.jpg

p-daysparefurbishment_3.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_3.jpg

p-daysparefurbishment_7.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_7.jpg

p-daysparefurbishment_9.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_9.jpg

p-daysparefurbishment_10.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_10.jpg

p-daysparefurbishment_11.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_11.jpg

p-daysparefurbishment_12.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_12.jpg

p-daysparefurbishment_13.jpg p-daysparefurbishment_13.jpg
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