Apartment Lobby Refurbishment

Size: 500 sqm | Value: AUD 600k | Year undertaken: 2017>

EMKC was engaged to reposition the dated foyer and associated common areas of a hotel complex in Melbourne City Centre’s prestigious East end. The fit out design integrated the diverse desires of numerous stakeholders to create a unique and usable space.

EMKC has designed many high end fit out projects across the commercial, retail and residential sectors.

Projects Photo Gallery

p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_1.jpg p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_1.jpg

p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_2.jpg p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_2.jpg

p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_3.jpg p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_3.jpg

p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_4.jpg p-apartmentlobbyrefurbishment_4.jpg
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